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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Insect and flower macros

All images shot with a Canon Powershot A480 set to SCN Super Macro mode with the lens at maximum wide angle (6.6mm).

I had enabled CHDK so that I could have RAW files to tweak in software. Darn thing is, after the shoot, I found out the cam shot only in JPEG! So that's why the camera was uploading the files to the SD card much  quicker than usual. Well, not a big loss. I can shoot ants and flowers everyday if need be. Fortunately the JPEGs were not too bad, given that there was enough ambient light--I was shooting at the middle of the day with partly overcast skies.

The macro capabilities of a point and shoot is actually better than using standard lenses on an SLR. The only drawback--with the A480 at least--is the lack of a control over focus. So I ended "spraying and praying," shooting as many shots as possible and hoping that at least some of them had the subject in (relatively) sharp focus. Well, it worked, didn't it?

1/80", F/3, ISO, 400 6.6mm

1/100", f/3, ISO 400, 6.6mm

1/250", +2/3EV, f/3, ISO 400, 6.6mm

1/320", f/3, ISO 400, 6.6mm

1/80", f/3, ISO 200, 6.6mm

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