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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Treasures from unkept gardens

Went out to a lot which used to have a house--now torn down. Had these colorful flowers growing on their own. There were also "red berries" (they look like very tiny ones anyway) and some yellow buds, but none of those shots came out sharp. Have to go back and reshoot, probably using the T3i.

All the images below were taken using a Canon Powershot A480 set to either macro or super macro mode. I enabled CHDK simply so I could get RAW files to fiddle with during post processing. I manually set the ISO and let the camera choose the shutter speed. Metering was evaluative.

Because the white flower and the (blown out) sky I dialed up exposure compensation so the flower wouldn't end up slightly underexposed.

1/200", f/3, ISO 80, +2/3 EV, 6.6mm (equiv 37mm)

The following isn't the same flower as the one above although it's from the same shrub. Shooting from the side I knew I wouldn't be able to get most of it in focus. In fact only the edges of the petals closest to the camera are sharp.

1/560", f/3, ISO 100, 6.6mm (equiv 37mm)

I believe this is practically a weed. But a macro shot of the mundane gives it oomph and the attention these tiny flowers deserves

1/180", f/3, ISO 80, 6.6mm (equiv 37mm)

I love the loooong curving stamens of these flowers. And the reds are overpowering. It's almost shouting to insects and birds: "Come over here!"

1/75", f/3, ISO 80, 6.6mm (equiv 37mm)

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