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Sunday, October 28, 2012

One day to full moon

Another clear night. Except for exposure, camera settings were the same as with yesterday's shoot. And as in yesterday I waited till Luna was directly overhead. This minimizes the atmosphere that I have to shoot through. Shot from the same spot with camera and lens shielded from city lights.

Took one shot each at the following aperture-shutter speed combinations:
f/8: 1/125" & 1/100"
f/9: 1/100" & 1/80"
f/10: 1/80'& 1/60"
f/11: 1/60" & 1/50"
f/13: 1/50" & 1/40"

All ten frames needed at least -1.0EV compensation in post. The image from the f/8 seemed a little less sharp than those at smaller apertures.

Canon EOS T3i, 1/60", f/11, ISO 100, EF 75-300 @300mm

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