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Monday, October 22, 2012

Orion and a cloud dashing across

Saw at least one Orionid meteor last night. The streak was just a fraction of a second long. Took several >60sec exposures using a wide angle but didn't catch any meteor on film (sorry I can't bring myself to write "sensor"). I resigned myself to not being in a right location (light polluted city) for long exposures nor the right lens--I don't have a f/1.4 or faster wide angle. And so I just took some shots of Orion, Alderbaran and Pleiades (tried to at least) instead. Clouds were really sprinting across the sky and I knew I'd be able to catch some nice motion blur whilst they crossed the frame. I didn't expect they'd turn out so bright--caused by their reflecting of the orange light from street lamps of the metro.

Constellation Orion is at the top left. Sirius is the very bright star near the bottom of the frame.

Canon T3i, 25", f/5.6, ISO 400, EF-S 18-55mm II @18mm

Focusing was so damn difficult with the lens at 18mm (or for that matter at 55). I could hardly see the stars through the viewfinder (and so framing was hard as well) and nothing turns up in Live View even with x10 focus zoom. So I relied on hyperfocal distance and focused on a lit building a couple of hundred meters away.

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