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Monday, December 31, 2012

Last moonrise of 2012

Caught sight of Luna rising as I was setting up to shoot the fireworks display last night. Very cloudy over the horizon as you can see. Waited till she popped out of the cover.

As always the dynamic range is simply too wide to capture both the subdued moonlight being transmitted through and reflected off the clouds and the very bright moon (in this case a waning gibbous). The difference between the "correct" exposure for the clouds and the moon is around 4 stops.

The image with the clouds exposed almost correctly was taken with a shutter speed of 2 sec. The moon shot which was taken just 20 seconds later with a speed of 1/5". Aperture and ISO were kept constant in both shots. I took the correctly exposed moon and then just layered it on top of the completely blown out moon.

I had shot with automatic white balance which turned the golden yellow moon quite white. So I brought back the golden color by adjusting tint and temperature of both clouds and the moon. Various parameters such as contrast, brightness and clarity, among others, were of course adjusted to suit my taste.

You 'll notice that it looks as if some of the clouds are passing behind the moon. Now wouldn't that be neat?

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